Online Bible School

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This is brand new! You can now join our online english video bible school with Pastor Kjeld O. Pedersen. It is totally free to join and participate in. You are free to support our work financially if you want to, and you are free not to do so. 

Many people around the world have asked Pastor Kjeld O. Pedersen if they could join our bible school, but our bible school was only in Danish. Therefore God has now put on our hearts to make this online bible school in English. 

You will receive much of the same teachings that we teach on our Danish bible school. 


About our Danish Bible School:
God has put on our hearts to start a Bible school in Denmark. We need a strong foundation in the Word of God to stand strong and victorious in this world, so we learn to stand on God's Word, "going over" with Jesus instead of "going under". In many churches today the teachings are very mixed up, and often confusion occur, which builds on people's thoughts and experiences and not the Word of God. Because of that Christians suffer defeat, they miss the goal God has for them and become frustrated.

Today, there are also a lot of errors in the body of Christ. Either you walk into one ditch, or you take so much distance that you go straight into the other. In Fire Of Faith Church, we believe in staying in the middle of the road and always let the Word be our guidance, which leads us on the right path.

In Bible college you get a strong Bible-based teaching communicated in the anointing of the Holy Spirit. You will be filled both with the Word of God and the power of God.

The school started the 10th of August 2013