Several years ago Kjeld O. Pedersen heard these words: "40 years in Northern India" while he was in prayer. He did not understand it because he knew he would not move away from Denmark and live in India. One day Pastor Rajeev from India contacted him and would cooperate. It turned out that his work was in Northern India. Today Fire Of Faith Church has a close cooperation with this amazing work for Jesus.

It's a ministry where they preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, people are being saved, delivered and healed - and they go out and help the poor. They also make a great effort to go out and show the Jesus film.
Fire Of Faith Church helps to support their work financially, through prayer and fellowship. Pastor Kjeld has repeatedly held meetings down there through Skype.
Listen to Rajeev talk about their great work. In the video clips below you can see and hear about some of the meetings Pastor Kjeld has held there over Skype (See also clips from Web TV and video clips further down the page)

Rajeev also distributes the Jesus film for free to hundreds of Indian people, a film which tells about the life of Jesus and guides to salvation. Many of these people have never heard of Jesus Christ before, so this is a tool to inform and give them insight into Jesus' life and ministry.