Our vision

The Lord has commanded us to start up a new church and revival. We are not a new denominational church, but we are a local church. We believe in a strong connection to the Body of Christ worldwide to avoid confusion and false teachings. We believe in healthy and strong preaching and teaching from the Word of God, that builds up great faith in order to live a christian life of victory. We believe in services where God confirms His Word through signs, wonders and miracles every time. In love we will work together with all believers and churches so far as it is possible.


Fundamental theology:

The fundamental theology is: to receive Jesus as your personal Lord and Saviour (the new birth), to be baptised in water, completely immersed into the water, after having come to Christ, believing in Him and receiving Him as Lord and saviour; to be baptised the Holy Spirit with speaking in tongues as a sign thereof.


The church was founded publically in 2001.


Evangelising services:

We have evangelising services where the Holy Spirit moves in a great way, healing sicknesses, doing signs and wonders, drawing people to Christ and we are being filled with the power of God and we feel that infilling for a long time after.


Teaching services:

Every friday night we are being taught in the Word of God in many different topics from the bible; healthy varied spiritual food from the Word Of God. Here Pastor Kjeld O. Pedersen and other preachers teach.
All the time we experience that God as doing new and fresh things.


Cell groups:

We also have cell groups where believers can be together in a spiritual fellowship, being taught and guided in the bible - and they also have cozy relationships over a cup of coffee.



1. Being a church

2. Do mission (evangelising)

3. To establish new congregations.


Ways of function:

1. Miracle-services (healing-services - includes salvation as the biggest of all)

2. Teaching and fellowship

3. Healing ministry

4. Cell groups

5. Discovering and training new ministries

6. Strong intercession for revival


If you need a living church, that believe all of God's Word to be the truth, and if you want to join us in spreading revival in our country (and the whole world), then you are more than welcome to join us. Or maybe you just want to come and fellowship with us as an inspiration - you are also more than welcome to do that. Maybe God has put on your heart to start up a new church and you want help and support, or you may be sick and in need of prayers and teaching - then come!

Our mission is not to compete with other churches, but we want to be united in spreading the gospel and getting people saved and led to Christ; into the Kingdom of God.

Come let us work together as long as it is day! Jesus is coming soon, HALLELUJAH!