Pastor Kjeld O Pedersen

Pastor of church and founder of Fire Of Faith Church

I was born and raised in a Christian home. My parents already had two daughters and now they desired to have a son. My mother prayed to God and said: "If you will give me a son, then I will give him to serve you." In response to this prayer, God showed a great light above the barn and it also provided a certainty in her heart that her prayer was heard. Right from I was a little boy, I had a strong desire in my heart to serve Jesus. But there was no one to lead me to salvation. Though my father and mother had been born again in the Inner Mission revival when they were young, they had been defiled by the national church lie about salvation through baptism. So when I was 5-6 years old, I asked my mother how I could be sure that I would go to heaven when I died. My mother replied from what that they had been taught. They did not believe that a 5-6-year-old could be saved so early, they knew no better. Then she said: "You must believe that when you were baptized, you became a child of God." But oh what a disappointment I felt in my heart.

When I grew up, I began to swear like the other boys, and as a young man, I acted like the other young people. I sinned very much. What oppressive emptiness that was in my life. Every day I had a strong desire for God, but there was still no one to guide me to the Savior. I was at a youth meeting as 18-year-old, where the preacher spoke strongly of repentance, and I felt that God was calling heavily on me, but the preacher gave no guidance on how to be saved. He did not call forward for prayer. So I thought: "I am baptized and confirmed, so I may have to try to believe it", and I said my prayers every day. But the emptiness was still there.

I got an education as a blacksmith and met a wonderful girl (Kirsten) who I married. She had been saved as 16-year-old. We bought a farm and
farmed for many years. Kirsten began to pray for me, and my longing for God was still bigger. At one point the Spirit of God was so heavy on me that I cried and cried for 3 days. The third day in the evening at midnight I began to pray. I said, "God, I believe in you, but I know that I am a sinner, I will repent and start living my life for you. So if I'm not really saved, save me and forgive me for all my sins. Jesus save me." A wonderful peace and certainty came into my heart, I was born again. Immediately I got a great desire in my heart to tell others about salvation. I wanted to get the world saved. God began to speak to my heart. He said: "I am calling you to be a preacher." At first I laughed and thought, "That can not be right. I have no speaking skills." I was 28 years old. God continued to work on me. We had been attending a danish christian youth organisation and I reluctantly was forced to say a little prayer now and then. I was shaking nervous, but saw to my surprise that an inspiration and anointing came over me, so it just flowed out of me. At the same time we started to visit a lot of independent churches, and we were baptized with the Holy Spirit and spoke in other tongues. God had said to me that I should begin my ministry when I was 30 years old. Each time he said it, the ground under me shook. But when we talked about what we had experienced, we were quickly thrown out of the Inner Mission the other youth organisation, they would not have these charismatics there. Then we were a member of a independant Gospel Church in Sæby. I preached there and was an elder brother. We were also baptized in water there. Many good preachers came there both from home and abroad, including from Sarons Dal in Norway. We started at the same time having meetings in our home with the support of the Gospel Church.

God began to develop a vision of new congregations and unity in the body of Christ in my heart. It happened suddenly one evening while I was in prayer that the Spirit of God came upon me. I was suddenly wrapped in a cloud of glory, and I did not know where I was. The Spirit of God spoke to my heart and said: "I call you into a healing ministry", and then he repeated it and the cloud of glory intensified many times. I did not know if I was in heaven or on earth.  The following 3 days my left hand burned as if it was on fire. I did not understand what it was, but I knew it was the Holy Spirit. Only when I read a book by Kenneth E. Hagin (8 visions of Jesus), I realized that it was a special anointing for healing. He had experienced the same thing in one of the visions of Jesus, and Jesus had said to him that it was the healing anointing for ministry. From then on, when I put my left hand on the sick or just stretch it out towards them, many of them are healed, some momentarily and other gradually. I have seen many different diseases healed and some healings are confirmed by doctors. Almost anyone with a bad back is healed. I myself have been healed of a totally destroyed back. Some of the healings that I have experienced in my service include: heart failure, poor blood circulation, complete blindness, deafness, worn hips, worn joints, osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, short legs (5 cm, a creative miracle), people have walked perfectly after having thrown their crutches, fractures + much more. Deliverances of from demons has happened some times. Some have been very violent. Some have spoken out through the possesed mouth, but the individuals have been glorious set free, all glory to Jesus.

In 1984 God called us to be full-time employees on a Christian helping center, Randbøl Refugium. We were there for 3 years, where we worked with the teaching of the word of God and with the advice and intercession. This was very educational. Then in 1987, God spoke to us again and again and said: "Travel to  the northern part of Denmark and start a new church." At first we were very hesitant to get started, but the Lord spoke to us again and again, and it was also confirmed prophetic . We traveled around and preached in the various free churches and began to hold meetings in our home. It was very difficult in the beginning, we made many mistakes and many came and went. All the time God healed and did signs and wonders, and more and more were saved. So in 2001 we started the congregation of Fire Of Faith Church publicly. In the beginning there were not many who would join, but gradually it started to grow.
I've received my Bible teaching from Rhema, Tulsa Oklahoma since 1982, self-study and correspondence. From there I also get advice service. I have also been inspired by other ministries such as David Yonggi Cho, Reinhart Bonnke, Benny Hinn, TL Osborn, Smith Wigglesworth, A. A. Allen, Jack Coe and many more. We also feel that we begin to get more and more relationships with ministries in Denmark. We believe in a strong connection to the body of Christ. The prophetic ministry has been very effective in my ministry the recent years. So often people or churches receives a personal message. But prophetic messages must be judged according to the Bible, so I always say that if my message does not confirm something that God has already spoken to them, then you should just forget the whole thing, because we are human beings and can make mistakes. But I have seen that in many cases what I have prophesied also come true and has been a blessing. In my meetings, often lasting for 3-4 hours, besides healings, many signs and wonders happen such as: laughing, crying, shaking, dancing in the Spirit, jumping in the Spirit, people falling to the floor and can not get up before elapsed time, trances, being drunk of the Holy Spirit (sometimes so much that people are not able to walk) and many other manifestations. Often angels reveal. Sometimes I see them, or others see them, or feel their presence . Sometimes there is a certain place in the service where the power of God is, and when people come into that power, they will be strongly affected. Sometimes angels are talking to me. The presence of God is mighty. Often people will not break up and go home., we must give God time if we will see Him in action.

I have 3 times experienced being picked up by an angel and having a trip to heaven. I think that if we keep the focus on Jesus and Him alone, we will experience incredible things with Him, and our goal is to get as many people as possible to heaven. I believe in a strong and miraculous and profound awakening in Denmark. Not with today's so popular entertainment show, but, as it says in Zechariah book: 4 verse 6: "not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord of hosts." And as Paul says in Romans: 15 verses 18-19: "For I will not venture to speak anything other than what Christ through me has worked to bring the Gentiles to obedience by word and deed, by the power of signs and wonders, by the power of the Spirit"
There is a new movement of God's Spirit. It burns in my heart: DENMARK MUST BE SAVED. Do you agree, then pick up the phone today and arrange meetings! I am found both in large gatherings and small groups.

Phone: +45 98831264

Mobile: +45 50996431